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Dad's Money Studio

 Green Screen Studio | Cyclorama style Studio | Photo Studio in Bangalore | Recording Studio | Dubbing Studio | Music Composition | Video Production


Dads Money Studio is ideal space for TV commercials, corporate films, music videos, virtual and live streaming, sponsorship bumpers, green screen VFX elements and much more!


Smitha Raju

I'm a very happy plus size model 💃. It's amazing to work with Sharath sir. Because he's very Professional , Highly Patient , Skilled Photographer, makes us very comfortable to do all shoots . He has guided me well how to pose for my pictures and motivated me to bring out my best . Great job sir 👍 my best wishes to DAD's Money Studio for its future . Thank you

When they promise a job, they get down to it.... Lock, stock and barrel.... Knowing them... Time is of the essence for them when commitments are made. Hard working and diligent to the job, that's how I would term them. They are also we'll connected and resourceful.
Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting a video with them and they arrived on time, didn't waste a minute and got down right to the job. Although it took 3 full days in the sweltering heat... they did not budge even for a little while, stuck to the plan and packed... And within a matter few days the results were out much faster than I expected.
Will surely continue to work with them for a long time.


It's a great place to shoot with spacious rooms and separate rooms for makeup and audio. The owner of the studio Sharath is an amazing person to work with. Highly recommended.

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