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dads money studio(OPC) Private Limited

We have 6000 Square Feet of Multiple Studio at your service, Our Green Screen Studio, Photography Studio with  Cyclorama style and Recording | Dubbing | Music Composition studio is ready to use .

Green screen filming long ago become a common tool available for everyone from Hollywood to the corporate video. Its role in every aspect of filming will continue as the innovative canvas for 3D virtual production techniques including Unreal Engine and photo realism, artificial Intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Dads Money Studio is a Professional Photography and Video Production green screen studio for hire on Hourly/daily base in Bangalore.

Our Studio is a fully equipped soundproofed film, TV and photographic studio located in the heart of Bangalore.


At our studio you can host all kinds of productions including television commercials, corporate films, music videos, virtual awards and live streamed presentations, sponsorship bumpers, YouTube videos, animation, green screen VFX elements, TV station promos and more. 


Photo Studio For Hire

Dads Money Studio offers its State-of-the-art photography studio to both hobbyists and professionals, equipped with some of the best equipment in the industry. If you are looking for beautiful shooting space and studio set, you need not look further. you can think of dads money studio

Video Production House

For Rent

Dads Money Studios hosts a spaces enclosed in a boutique warehouse. All designed for Film, TV and photography complete with power, soundproofing, lighting, styling rooms, and Wifi.

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