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3D Geometric Shapes

Motion Graphics & Animation Production

Our talented digital video production team offers cutting-edge solutions to transform the ideas that drive our client’s message into an exciting, visual branding tool through interactive motion graphics and 3D animation.

Utilizing Animation and 3D illustration is a great way to illustrate complex ideas, products and services to prospective customers and can help your message stand out. We create high-quality motion graphics and 3D animation to suit a number of client needs, including entertainment, corporate, and government projects.

  • 3-D, 2-D and Motion Graphics Editing.

  • Adobe After Effects.

  • LIghtwave 3-D.

  • Apple Motion.

  • Utilize Existing Collateral or Create Custom Animation/Motion Graphics.

Anime Turntable

The sky is the limit

While beautifully shot live-action video can tell a story well, we can enhance any story with motion graphics and animation. Motion graphics and animation vastly widen your storytelling toolset by bringing in lively assets limited only by the imagination. Think of global topics, microorganisms, or using motion graphics to deconstruct products and technology. Animation and motion graphics can also bring new personality to your video: added sophistication, elegance, technical explanation, or even humor.

Dads Money Studio is a top motion graphics and animation company in Bangalore. We taken great care in assembling the best team possible including creative directors, writers, designers, directors, and animation artist. We produce everything from simple, elegant 2D designs to highly complex 3D animations.


We focus on strong visual concepts and good high-quality design. Over the years, we’ve produced videos for everything from web campaigns to multiple screen events. We take a collaborative approach to our motion graphics design projects that results in compelling visual storytelling

Graphic Design

Ensure your creative agency is a good fit for your motion graphics based video. 

  1. Does the commercial production company fully understand your needs and how the video is intended to be used?

  2. Does the agency have experience with a wide range of motion graphics styles/approaches, and most importantly does their work feel like a good fit?  

  3. Has your creative agency outlined a step-by-step process with all needed approvals and deliverables?  

  4. Is the agency mapping to a clear schedule, budget, and timeline with clearly defined milestones?

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