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Boudoir photography is not a new concept, however, the way in which it is viewed has changed drastically over the years. When it once was an art form on the female body, represented solely indoors in a bedroom, the title now has moved to include other versions. It could be argued that if it does not adhere to specific criteria, it cannot be called boudoir. In my opinion, the original term might just need to be evolved to include other concepts as the term among the majority of photographers in this genre refer to boudoir as more of a feeling than a location. 

Before a client comes in for a session we send them a questionnaire asking why they are doing this session and what it means to them.This doesn't necessarily make me tailor a session a certain way but rather gives me an idea of their journey. I take the time to get to know my clients. I take genuine interest in their life story and build report and connection. I consider myself to be an empathy and relate with people on many levels, 


Without embracing and encouraging there emotional connection, clients feels the images lack that authenticity that is the very core of what takes an image from being a pretty picture to an emotive, evoking piece of photographic art. 

So whatever you decide to call this genre; couples boudoir, intimate session, nudes or other versions it is clear that the word boudoir itself lends to a feeling. We could define it as a whole other area, but in reality, our clients hear the term boudoir and they do not see locations or creative setups. They hear it and think confidence, empowerment, and acceptance. 

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