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Dads Money Studio audio provides professional Foley Sound Effects Recording and Mixing services for Films, Documentaries and Broadcast Content.


Foley Sound Effects are also called Live Sound Effects. We truly believe that Foley Sounds add life to any content. Our Foley Artists, using various surfaces and props, create different sounds, which are supervised, recorded and edited by our Foley Mixers, to finally produce a realistic sound bed for every frame.


We have collaborated with professional teams of Foley Artists and Foley Mixers to deliver good quality Foley Sounds.

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Foley Sound Design

We create unique and original ambient sounds and foley sound effects for your film. Whether it is the sound of walking on a tiled floor or walking on a wooden floor, opening a car door or opening a house door, we have and can create every sound effect correctly.

Good foley sounds to go with your visual content makes the viewers feel they are present in that situation. So, whether it is an ad film, corporate video, a short or a feature, feel free to drop us an email and we will offer you some of the best rates in the industry.

There are several reasons you might use Foley sound in a film:

  • The production sound doesn’t have the desired impact

  • Sounds that couldn’t be made in production

  • Sounds that make little or no sound in production

  • For foreign dubs

  • To fill in sound lost due to ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)

Foley is only a part of the sound effects component of motion picture sound. The other elements are “BGs,” (background ambiances) such as wind, city traffic, birds, etc., and “hard effects,” which include gunshots, car engines, and doors. Hard effects and BGs are edited from recordings obtained either from the field or a sound library.

Foley is generally broken down into two categories, footsteps and props, and while Foley can be edited from library recordings, in the movie industry today they are often created custom for each film to make it sound more natural

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