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Musical instruments

Professional Music Production Studio in Bangalore



When an artist is seeking guidance in the creation of their sound, we offer the assistance of one of our brilliant music producers. Each producer provides:

•Extensive knowledge in songwriting and music theory

• Arrangement, structure and full composition of a song whether digital or organic instruments

• Assistance with vocal performance & ear to capture the ideal tone of each instrument

Dads Money Studio has an in house hi tech recording studio with the best professional music recording & equipment. Our work is comparable and even better than any other studios in Bangalore because of our creative and dedicated team.

Our studio, located in Bangalore, Bommanahalli Signal, has 100% percent in house capabilities. Making music with us is a delightful experience as we use a collaborative approach in which your ideas meet our experience and following that magic happens.

Services we can support in Audio

Dubbing For Films & Serial

Background Music Composition



Corporate Documentary

Audio Restoration

Advertisement  Production

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