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Landscape Photography

Landscape photography involves photos where the subject is the beauty of a natural scene. Nature in its simplicity is beyond explanation, but one thing is certain is that it is very beautiful and soothing to look at. People and sometimes even animals are not included in landscape photos so that the emphasis is totally on the scene.

Representational landscape photography is the most common and the most popular. There are also abstract and impressionistic styles, which are more modern, since the emphasis is placed on a particular form, shape or elusive quality.

Trying out landscape photography is something that many people are able to take seriously. The main reason is that with landscape photography you can shoot anything and everything without having to be an expert photographer. In time you will learn some key tips that will lead you to taking better pictures, especially when it comes to the light and the angles. But other than that, landscape photography is definitely a good start for anyone wishing to start out a photographic hobby.

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