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Green Screen Studio

Top Chrome Key Studios On Hire at hourly/ daily basis in Bangalore for Photography and Video Production. 

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Photo and Video Studio Rental


Dads Money Studio offers a hip, yet cozy vibe and is a great place to impress your clients on your next photo or video shoot. Heck, your crew will love it too.

Having first opened our doors in 2021, our versatile facility serves as an ideal studio for fashion, editorial, product, advertising, and celebrity photo shoots, and as a films, commercials, music videos, interviews, tv shows, and web content video productions stage.

Our 5800 sqft  space also serves as a secure and intimate event venue for hosting your next private gathering, casting, art exhibition, product demo, seminar, workshop, casting, album release and/or live recorded music event. In addition to venue rental, we also rent out state of the art photography equipment and offer digital capturing and retouching services.

We are a ONE-STOP creative studio.

We take pride and pleasure in providing a friendly, professional experience and we have a true appreciation for our clients. We are open around the clock, 24/7/365 days a year, providing our clients with the maximum flexibility when it comes to booking. 

Our clients include both established, and "up and coming" photographers, videographers, creative agencies, producers, magazine publishers and film makers, many who work with the best BTS crews in the business. Based on your needs, we can also hire for you the industry's top photographers, videographers, assistants, digital technician, wardrobe/hair and make-up stylists, and set designers.

Our creative team energy is great, and we hope you will help us continue to keep it flowing. 


Our cyclorama style green screen studio for rent on hourly/daily basis.

Green Screen Studio Size.

Width   : 22 Feet.

Length  : 38 Feet.

Height  : 10 Feet

Chroma Key Studio.jpg
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Cyclorama Style Studio

This is the classic all-white interior fashion studio with a post-industrial feel and touch. 

Cyclorama Style Studio Size.

Width   : 16 Feet.

Length  : 28 Feet.

Height  : 10 Feet

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Our Photography Studio with seamless paper and other wide range of optional backdrop studio for rent on hourly/daily basis.

Photography Studio Size.

Width   : 20 Feet.

Length  : 40 Feet.

Height  : 10 Feet

Photography Studio.jpg
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Recording Studio

Recording, Music, BGM, Voice Over and dubbing studio

Recording Studio Size.

Width   : 12 Feet.

Length  : 28 Feet.

Height  : 10 Feet

Recording Studio
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