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Dads Money Studio making a series of engaging animated brand videos for social media awareness as more and more marketers are seeing the potential of video content for building brands, a new approach for brands is video content marketing, which people are more likely to voluntarily seek out and consume. Newsletters and blogs have long been ways for brands to increase engagement with customers, and now the brands are turning to online video to make a better impact.

This presents a major shift in the way brands use video: to tell inspirational, educational or entertaining stories as the main aim, with selling as an indirect, secondary goal. Every such branded content will spread the brand’s values while keeping the audience interested in the story. It’s win-win for brand and the audience as both parties find some take-aways. We are a full service video production company focused on creating high-quality branded content for advertisers, brands and corporate clients.

Shooting video

Your company has as much personality as you do

And you want it to shine through every time someone visits your website! When introducing your company to a new client or customer you have a big opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression.

Enter the branding video! Branded videos, also sometimes called company overview videos, offer an effective and creative way to communicate an overview of your company’s goals, culture, and product offering. Most importantly, brand videos are a compelling way to visually tell your unique story.

Best practices for branded company videos

While there are no hard and fast rules about branded company videos, a great one sticks to some general guidelines, in order to best engage leads.

  • It shouldn’t be too long. Stick to 1-2 minutes.

  • It should be branded according to what makes your company unique. Include your company’s brand colors and logo, feature employees or leadership, and make clear your company’s vision and values.

  • The tone should match your company’s “personality.”

  • The tone of the video should be aligned with your company’s voice and can be anything from heartfelt, conversational, or funny, to earnest and sincere.

  • It should highlight a need or problem your target audience has and then show how your product or service addresses that need.

Film Production
Video Shoot

Ready to create some stellar video content.

The best way to create a truly outstanding company overview or brand video is to engage a creative agency that has a track record for producing them. A great video production company will work closely with you to fully understand your brand promise so you can create meaningful and emotional connections with your customers.

So what should you look for in a branded video production company? Most importantly, you want to engage a company that has experience and understands your brand and company mission.

The process for branded content video production should be a partnership between your team and the production company. The agency you choose should have open lines of communication with you, consistently getting your team’s feedback on their ideas and vision for the video. They should provide a proposal that clearly details how they’ll help you achieve your goals, their ideas and vision for the project, and clear deadlines and budget so everyone can track progress

If you’re ready to create some stellar video content, Studio B is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a company overview video that makes your business stand out from the crowd! 

If you’d like to get a quote for a video, Get in touch with us.

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