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Cyclorama Style Studio

Cyclorama Style Studio

Cyclorama Style Studio for Rent

Our Infinity Cove or cyclorama studio painted white. The Cove is constructed in a way that there are no corners, only flats and curves, so as to give the impression that the background behind your models or props appear to extend into infinity. Our hand built coves are durable and easy to clean and refresh. They can be painted in any color for a range of digital media applications, thereby enabling you to hire out the studio, reduce down time and increase production. 

We have Multiple backgrounds which can changed according to your requirements at the small cost.

Studio Tariff.

  • Weekdays (Monday - Friday)  INR 1000/- for Hour ( Minimum 2 Hours ).

  • Weekdays (Monday - Friday ) INR 4000/- for 4 hours.

  • Weekdays ( Monday - Friday ) INR 7,500/- for 8 hours / INR 1000/- per extra hour.

  • Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) INR 10,000 for 8 hours / INR 1000 per extra hour.

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