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Live Webinar Service

Live webinar services can be used for green screen video, either for private live streaming and the rental of a green screen studio. Private live streaming is important for clients who want to create a live stream but with either hiring on hourly or daily basis

Dads Money Studio offers services for green screen video in bangalore where a customer can utilize the facilities in an in-house studio. The green screen can be used to display photos or videos, create backgrounds for their live webinars or conference gatherings. The studio can comfortably accommodate any variant meeting.

We taken to incorporating services of other web conferencing platforms such as Zoom, VHall and, IBM Cloud Video. For local live streaming services, while for streaming in and out of Bangalore, Dads Money Studio live streaming comes to play.

Global Business.

A green screen live webinar for global business is an idea worth pursuing. Social distancing has created less travel for global companies placing a strain on international relationships in the business world. Emails, phone calls, or even video conferencing can not compare to a live webinar using our green screen studio and the many options of information that can be disseminated simultaneously amongst a group of business partners separated by too many miles.

A live webinar using our green screen studio can appeal to both the audio and visual learners in that the information shared is embedded with images of the same ideas. This gives a lasting impression left with potential clients and business partners well after the meeting has ended. The green screen live webinar is set up in a production atmosphere where creativity can thrive. There are greater options than the usual posting of graphs and tables enabling the company to keep its audience’s attention and interest

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Apr 01, 2021

That is very interesting. It really can help us to use green screen like here

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