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C-stands are most often used to position elements in front of a light source in order to modify the light given off by that source. Objects like flags, scrims, and reflectors are used to block and direct light; these are typically positioned and held in place with C-stands. Additionally, color gels, silks, and cucalorises (or cookies, which are surfaces with holes cut into them to create shadows and patterns) can all be used to alter light. And as you might have guessed already, C-stands can also be used to hold and position light sources themselves. 

The C stand is made of pure metal, giving it a longer service time and exceptional strength for heavy-duty.Its height is adjustable, satisfying your various shooting needs. Its sturdy 3 legs structure at the bottom ensures your equipment safe.


  • C Stand Material: Metal
  • C Stand Maximum Height: 10.8ft / 3.3m
  • C Stand Minimum Height: 4.8ft / 1.46m
  • C Stand Segments: 3
  • Caster Diameter: 75mm

Metal C Light Stand

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