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There are plenty of different types of photography out there in the world with varying subject matter, different equipment, and personal techniques.

As a Photographers prefer to expand their skills and broaden their portfolio by pursuing multiple types of photography at the same time while others focus on perfecting a particular style throughout their careers. A wide range of experience shooting different subject matter can identify a niche or preferred theme for career or hobby photographers.

We cover different types of photography, providing a brief description of each and showcasing some examples to get those creative juices flowing. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite topic to shoot or rediscover an old love.

The next time you pick up your camera, take a look through this list and attempt some amazing new photography genres.

3D Photography

Abstract Photography

Adventure Photography

Advertising Photography

Aerial Photography

Aesthetic Photography

Architectural Photography

Astro Photography

Automotive Photography

Birds Photography

Black and white Photography

Blue hour Photography

Boudoir Photography

Business Photography

Candid Photography

Child Photography

Cityscape Photography

Commercial Photography

Composite Photography

Computational Photography

Conceptual Photography

Concert Photography

Contemporary Photography 

Crystal ball Photography

Dance Photography

Documentary Photography

Aerial Photography

Editorial Photography

Event Photography

Family Photography

Fantasy Photography

Fashion Photography

Femto Photography

Fine Art Photography

Fitness Photography

Flat lay Photography

Food Photography

Forced Perspective Photography

Forensic Photography

Glamour Photography

Glitch Photography

Headshot Photography

High Dynamic Range or HDR Photography 

High-Speed Photography

Holiday Photography

Infrared Photography

Kirilian Photography

Kinetic Photography

Landscape Photography

Levitation Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Light Painting

Long Exposure Photography

Macro Photography

Maternity Photography

Milky Way Photography

Miniature Photography

Minimalism Photography

Mobile Photography

Monochrome Photography

Motion Photography

Motorsport Photography

Multiple Exposures Photography

Newborn Photography

Night Photography

Nude Photography

Panorama Photography

Pinhole Photography

Pet Photography


Portrait Photography

Prism Photography

Product Photography

Real Estate Photography

Satellite Photography

Scientific Photography

Seascape Photography

Self-Portraits Photography

Senior portrait Photography

Snow Photography

Social Media Photography

Sports Photography

Star Trail Photography

Steel Wool Photography

Still Life Photography

Stock Photography

Street Photography

Surreal Photography

Tilt-shift Photography


Toys Photography

Travel Photography

Underwater Photography

Urban Exploration Photography

War or conflict Photography

Weather Photography

Wedding photography

Wildlife photography

With different types of photography to choose from, you should have no shortage of ideas for the subject of your next creative project.

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